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Corporate Boxes

Bump Box Pregnancy Bundle


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Pregnancy Bundle - This gift box has everything a new mum could want and more.

Bump Box Magnesium Flakes - These magnesium flakes are the perfect solution for those sore muscles or feet and are the perfect treat for any expectant mumma.

Mums Moisturiser -  The answer for all those dry skin breakouts associated with pregnancy and becoming a new mum. This divine cream can be used on the whole body.

Bump Butter  - The answer to help moisturise and nourish your growing Bump. With all natural chemical free ingredients this butter will leave you skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Nausea Knock is a beautiful spray that can be used to help assist with the symptoms often associated with early pregnancy. It can be popped in your back for that mum on the move who needs a little extra help to get her through the day.

Cookies and Crackers - These delicious cookies contain wholesome and organic ingredients to provide nourishment for pregnant. These cookies are a great to help combat nausea. These amazing crackers are the perfect solution for a pregnant mum who does not have a sweet tooth. These little gems are perfect as a snack to carry when your out and about or can be made into a meal with some ham, avo and cheese for a real treat.

Relief and Digest Tea perfect to help relief and nurture the mother during her pregnancy journey and can be useful in combating the nausea often associated with early pregnancy. Digest is a wonderful tea in all stages of pregnancy that can help sooth and relieve any tummy issues.

All these items are all packaged in a stunning high gloss gift box lined with tissue paper.